A tribute to the Queen

At school we wrote tributes to the Queen, and mine was chosen to be read out to the whole school and be sent to the Queen! This is what I wrote.

Your Majesty, I would like to congratulate you for reigning for 60 years as our Queen. This is an unforgettable moment for you. Thank you for being a dedicated and hardworking public servant for us. You are loyal and truly inspirational with a lot of wisdom and authority. It is truly amazing that your Diamond Jubilee is so soon!

You became Queen after your beloved father died. I bet you felt heartbroken because your father died. You were very strong when you stepped off the plane after your shortened trip to the Commonwealth. You behaved very calmly and courageously and carried on your duty like you did which was brave of you.

I watched your most amazing coronation. It was brilliant. You were so young and beautiful when you made all those promises and you still follow them today. You do the roles of Head of State, Head of the Commonwealth, Head of the Church of England, Head of the Armed Forces and patron of many charities. You have still got a lot of energy and strength to reign over us still and be Queen. In addition at your ceremony you must have felt terribly proud and determined not to let the country down.

Not only do you have to meet influential and important people, you see world leaders, presidents, kings and queens from different places to discuss world issues. You are always kind and caring but also you are always smiling and cheerful. In addition it must be tiring walking your corgis every day. You don’t just meet important people you meet ordinary children and adults when you visit hospitals and schools whilst having walkabouts.

The thing I like about you is when you visit schools and hospitals, because when you visit hospitals you bring joy into children’s hearts and when you go to visit schools you may meet me one day and also bring joy into my heart.

Over the last 60 years you have faced many hard challenges and it is amazing that you have helped change the world in many different ways, so thank you. You are a true inspiration as you have carried out your duty with real dedication. You are a leader of the state but you’re like an ordinary person because you are also a wife, mother, grandmother and a great grandmother. Thank you for still agreeing to be our Queen. Thank you again for giving your life in service to others. You are the most amazing Queen and the thing I like is that you haven’t stopped.

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The amazing Diamond Jubilee party

my finished cake At the weekend I went to my school for a party. Not just any party it was a Diamond Jubilee party. At the party there was a cupcake competition. I entered the cupcake competition and Mummy entered the cake competition. I wanted to make one with a picnic on the top.

First I made a teacup, then I made the sandwiches and then I did the cake. I made them out of icing. I also made a flag. I sticked some stickers to a cocktail stick and drawed a Union Jack. To make the grass I piped buttercream. It was really hard. After that when everything was done I put all the decorations on and pricked on the flag.

making the sandwiches making the sandwiches making the grass

Faith checking out the other cakes some of the other cakesWhen we got there I put my cupcake on the table and Mummy put her cake on a different table.

The judge was a very posh chef. We waited for a while to see who the winner was of the cupcake and cake competition.

We weren’t there when the winners were announced. So we went to the cupcakes and cakes to see and I was amazed to see a 1st rosette next to my cupcake! And we looked at Mummys and she had a 1st rosette as well. Then my head teacher came and she gave the chef the certificates to give us. Then she put a medal round our neck.

winning cake getting a certificate

There were loads of stalls there. One was a face-painting stall and me and Faith went and had a face paint. I had a crown and Faith had a heart that said ER. Also there was maypole dancing. In the field we played a catching game.

Overall I would say that it was a really really good day. I would like to carry on making cakes.

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My school trip to Hillier gardens

In the morning on a Monday I got up very excited because I was going to hilliers. I got all my stuff ready and went to school and I said goodbye to my Daddy. When I got into my class we had to do a bit of writing then we got our stuff and went sensibly to the coach and off we went. When we got to hilliers we went to go find the room we were going to put our stuff in. Then we went outside to have some fun learning and making! After we did some learning we made habitats in our groups my group made a squirrel home. After that we went for a walk back to the little room where we had our lunch. After our lunch we went back outside to look for mini-beasts and animals. I have had a lovely time at Hilliers. I wish to go there again.

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When I am older I would like to be a scientist. At the weekend me and Daddy did some science this is what we did.

It was called chromatography we were trying to find out what colours were in my black pen. It was fun because it was interesting to see what would happen to the ink also because I liked guessing what would happen. I like science I can do on my own (but I still love doing it with DADDY)

Me and Daddy have done more science like when we did an experiment with two balloons, a candle and some matches. First we blew up a balloon, and lit fire to the candle and put it under the balloon. Then it went kaboom! After that we put water in a balloon, and put the candle under it. And it didn’t go kaboom. Instead, there was a big black mark on the bottom. Daddy rubbed his finger on it and some of it came off!

Me and Daddy have done lots of experiments, like separating milk into curds and whey. We used vinegar to separate it. I didn’t get to taste it though. But it looked pretty weird.

I have a science game in my room called an electronics set, which you build parts of it and you get a light or a sound or a funny noise but you can also get a fan. It goes a little crazy if you leave it on for too long, it flies off the top which is very funny.

We made our own battery before out of vinegar and bits of metal.

Next week is my half term so if you have any ideas for me to do please could you tell me. Thank you.

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Running at Parkrun

I can run three miles and I am 7! Me and my Daddy on saturday go to Parkrun which is a fun run. First Daddy thought I would run one mile but I ran two miles on my first run. Now I can run three miles without stopping I have to work very hard because it is a long way to run! I wonder if any of my friends can run as far as me. It is very fun to run!

In March I am going to run Sport Relief. That is three miles which is good because I can run that far.

Thank you to adam.dee.photo for saying that I could use his photo.

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Camp Bestival

I went to Camp Bestival which was at Lulworth Castle. When we arrived we got our tents from the car and took them down a very big hill and we spent ages looking for a space to put our tents in. After we put up our tents we went to explore the music festival.

First of all we saw some jousting. There were knights on horses who had big long poles to bash a wooden target to make a big ball of metal spin around. They also collected hoops on their poles. It was very exciting because I dressed up as a knight too.

Lots of other people wore Medieval costumes and my sister wore a tall pointy princess hat and a pretty dress.

There was music to listen to and on the stage there was a performance of The Gruffalo story. I also saw Dick and Dom from CBBC and Mr Tumble was there too. He sang songs with us and we all joined in. I liked listening to Newton Faulkner singing in the Big Top but everyone was standing up but we were sitting down. It was very crowded!

Daddy bought a little stove so we could cook some meals. The first day we cooked pasta and the second day we had rice.

I had my face painted and so did my sister, Faith. I had a leopard and Faith had a tiger.

I really enjoyed going to Camp Bestival. I think Faith and I had a really fun time and we’d love to go back again next year (even if it was a pain keep walking up and down the big hills to our car!)

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My Grasshead

At school some children from a big school came to help us make grassheads. We had to put grass seed in the bottom of some tights and then some soil. We tied it with an elastic band and then made some ears, a nose and stuck eyes on. I had to soak it in water and then the grass grew so it has green hair!

My grasshead grew really long hair!

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