Make your own battery

Me and my Daddy have made three batteries there was Lemon juice vinegar salty water copper and zinc.

This is our vinegar battery

the battery in operation

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Food tasting game

Last weekend my family played a food tasting game. Me and my sister had to wear blindfolds and Mummy and Daddy brought different food in for us to taste.

This is what we tasted: cheese, marshmallows, beetroot, ice cream, grapes, blueberries, chocolate, melon and pickled gherkins.

We loved it and we got nearly all of them right.

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My Christmas

My family go to my Grandma’s house for Christmas. We went on Christmas Eve. We stayed for 9 sleeps. My Auntie Rachel, Uncle Ian, baby cousin Florence and my Great Grandma (GG) were there too.

Grace, Faith and Florence

From Father Christmas I got some bubble bath, noisy putty (it makes rude noises!) and 2 Tech Decks. My Grandma got me a dressing up box full of clothes and here is a picture of me wearing a Spanish dress.

Me in my Spanish dress

My Great Grandma got me and my sister each a big craft box full of paints, a bird house to paint, spinners to colour, puffy paint, a messy mat and a roll of paper. We had a fab Christmas and I hope you did too.

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My video

This is a video that I made when I was 5 in the Summer holidays with my Daddy. It’s called ‘Welcome to Eastleigh’ and it’s all about where I live. We’ve missed out some bits but soon I’ll make another video with everything! I hope you enjoy watching all about Eastleigh.

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Today I have been doing some painting. We don’t have many paints, just red, blue and green. But I tried mixing some together and I made purple. I even used my hands and fingers to paint. Faith made a lot of mess and Mummy wasn’t very happy!

This is my picture. I might give it to Grandma or put it up in my bedroom.

My painting


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Hello everyone

Hi, I’m Grace and I am 6 years old. My blog is all about what I do with my family and what I make. My Mummy is called Amy, my Daddy is Dale and my sister is called Faith. My sister is 2 years old and she’s a cheeky monkey. Here are some pictures of my family.

This is me

My sister, Faith

My Mummy with my baby cousin, Florence

This is my Daddy and me

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