The amazing Diamond Jubilee party

my finished cake At the weekend I went to my school for a party. Not just any party it was a Diamond Jubilee party. At the party there was a cupcake competition. I entered the cupcake competition and Mummy entered the cake competition. I wanted to make one with a picnic on the top.

First I made a teacup, then I made the sandwiches and then I did the cake. I made them out of icing. I also made a flag. I sticked some stickers to a cocktail stick and drawed a Union Jack. To make the grass I piped buttercream. It was really hard. After that when everything was done I put all the decorations on and pricked on the flag.

making the sandwiches making the sandwiches making the grass

Faith checking out the other cakes some of the other cakesWhen we got there I put my cupcake on the table and Mummy put her cake on a different table.

The judge was a very posh chef. We waited for a while to see who the winner was of the cupcake and cake competition.

We weren’t there when the winners were announced. So we went to the cupcakes and cakes to see and I was amazed to see a 1st rosette next to my cupcake! And we looked at Mummys and she had a 1st rosette as well. Then my head teacher came and she gave the chef the certificates to give us. Then she put a medal round our neck.

winning cake getting a certificate

There were loads of stalls there. One was a face-painting stall and me and Faith went and had a face paint. I had a crown and Faith had a heart that said ER. Also there was maypole dancing. In the field we played a catching game.

Overall I would say that it was a really really good day. I would like to carry on making cakes.

About amylane

Mum to two small girls, keen cook and crafter
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