Camp Bestival

I went to Camp Bestival which was at Lulworth Castle. When we arrived we got our tents from the car and took them down a very big hill and we spent ages looking for a space to put our tents in. After we put up our tents we went to explore the music festival.

First of all we saw some jousting. There were knights on horses who had big long poles to bash a wooden target to make a big ball of metal spin around. They also collected hoops on their poles. It was very exciting because I dressed up as a knight too.

Lots of other people wore Medieval costumes and my sister wore a tall pointy princess hat and a pretty dress.

There was music to listen to and on the stage there was a performance of The Gruffalo story. I also saw Dick and Dom from CBBC and Mr Tumble was there too. He sang songs with us and we all joined in. I liked listening to Newton Faulkner singing in the Big Top but everyone was standing up but we were sitting down. It was very crowded!

Daddy bought a little stove so we could cook some meals. The first day we cooked pasta and the second day we had rice.

I had my face painted and so did my sister, Faith. I had a leopard and Faith had a tiger.

I really enjoyed going to Camp Bestival. I think Faith and I had a really fun time and we’d love to go back again next year (even if it was a pain keep walking up and down the big hills to our car!)

About amylane

Mum to two small girls, keen cook and crafter
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3 Responses to Camp Bestival

  1. kat says:

    It was great to see you there. Glad you had a good time.

  2. suscatty says:

    Hi Grace

    I really enjoyed reading about your camping trip! Your Knight costume was great – I like your shield.

    Love Su xx

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