My school trip to Hillier gardens

In the morning on a Monday I got up very excited because I was going to hilliers. I got all my stuff ready and went to school and I said goodbye to my Daddy. When I got into my class we had to do a bit of writing then we got our stuff and went sensibly to the coach and off we went. When we got to hilliers we went to go find the room we were going to put our stuff in. Then we went outside to have some fun learning and making! After we did some learning we made habitats in our groups my group made a squirrel home. After that we went for a walk back to the little room where we had our lunch. After our lunch we went back outside to look for mini-beasts and animals. I have had a lovely time at Hilliers. I wish to go there again.

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Mum to two small girls, keen cook and crafter
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2 Responses to My school trip to Hillier gardens

  1. Sounds great fun – look forward to hearing all about it at the weekend! Love Grandma x x

  2. Rachel says:

    What fun Grace! You’ll have to tell me what type of homes squirrels like. Keep up the great blog writing. Auntie Rachel xx

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