A tribute to the Queen

At school we wrote tributes to the Queen, and mine was chosen to be read out to the whole school and be sent to the Queen! This is what I wrote.

Your Majesty, I would like to congratulate you for reigning for 60 years as our Queen. This is an unforgettable moment for you. Thank you for being a dedicated and hardworking public servant for us. You are loyal and truly inspirational with a lot of wisdom and authority. It is truly amazing that your Diamond Jubilee is so soon!

You became Queen after your beloved father died. I bet you felt heartbroken because your father died. You were very strong when you stepped off the plane after your shortened trip to the Commonwealth. You behaved very calmly and courageously and carried on your duty like you did which was brave of you.

I watched your most amazing coronation. It was brilliant. You were so young and beautiful when you made all those promises and you still follow them today. You do the roles of Head of State, Head of the Commonwealth, Head of the Church of England, Head of the Armed Forces and patron of many charities. You have still got a lot of energy and strength to reign over us still and be Queen. In addition at your ceremony you must have felt terribly proud and determined not to let the country down.

Not only do you have to meet influential and important people, you see world leaders, presidents, kings and queens from different places to discuss world issues. You are always kind and caring but also you are always smiling and cheerful. In addition it must be tiring walking your corgis every day. You don’t just meet important people you meet ordinary children and adults when you visit hospitals and schools whilst having walkabouts.

The thing I like about you is when you visit schools and hospitals, because when you visit hospitals you bring joy into children’s hearts and when you go to visit schools you may meet me one day and also bring joy into my heart.

Over the last 60 years you have faced many hard challenges and it is amazing that you have helped change the world in many different ways, so thank you. You are a true inspiration as you have carried out your duty with real dedication. You are a leader of the state but you’re like an ordinary person because you are also a wife, mother, grandmother and a great grandmother. Thank you for still agreeing to be our Queen. Thank you again for giving your life in service to others. You are the most amazing Queen and the thing I like is that you haven’t stopped.

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1 Response to A tribute to the Queen

  1. suscatty says:

    Hi Grace

    What a lovely tribute! Your writing is excellent, I’m sure the Queen would be very surprised to learn that you are only 7 years old! Did you do anything special today for the Jubilee? Rich and I watched some of the celebrations on the television. It looked like everyone was having lots of fun!

    Love Su xx

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