Today I have been doing some painting. We don’t have many paints, just red, blue and green. But I tried mixing some together and I made purple. I even used my hands and fingers to paint. Faith made a lot of mess and Mummy wasn’t very happy!

This is my picture. I might give it to Grandma or put it up in my bedroom.

My painting


About amylane

Mum to two small girls, keen cook and crafter
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4 Responses to Painting

  1. suscatty says:

    What a beautiful painting Grace! I like the unicorn at the bottom and the fairy’s dress.

    Have you had more snow today? Maybe this year there may be snow on Christmas day!

    Love from Su xx

    • amylane says:

      It is snowing very hard now. I hope it snows on Christmas Day. Thank you for saying you like my picture.

      Love from Grace x

  2. themummylife says:

    Hi Grace!!!

    I LOVE your picture and how creative you have been. Will look fab up on your wall!
    Did you make any Christmas decorations?

    Love Laura and Luke xx

    • amylane says:

      Thank you Laura and Luke. Mummy and I made some felt stockings to hang on the tree and some snowflakes out of paper.

      Love from Grace x

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